Learn What Our Bed Bug Exterminating Company Can Offer You

You have discovered bedbugs… Do not worry! We will fix it. Our local exterminating company specializes in providing bed bug control service. We dedicate this page to our process. Below, you have the chance to learn how the experts working in Abele Exterminating Co handle their job. Keep reading below, and if you have questions, we suggest you contact us right away!

As a dependable bed bug exterminating company in Manhattan, NY, we can ensure your complete satisfaction. We have been treating pests for many years, and offer you the experience, the understanding, the total commitment and readiness that comes with the territory. Rely on us and be amazed by the infallible outcome of our service.


Here are a few instructions on how to prepare your property for the removal process: Remove all bedding from the mattress, clothing, linens, etc. from your living space. This includes all textiles that are machine washable–mattress covers, pillows, anything – and those that must be dry cleaned. After doing this, you have to put all the items into storage bins or garbage bags to prevent the pest from entering and hiding in any clean fabric. You should check every other room in the property after discovering the bugs. If you do this before we arrive it will definitely ease our work. This will save us time and give us the chance to perform our job right on schedule and in a timely manner.


Since we know everything about bed bugs, we know how to find their breeding grounds to get rid of them in a professional manner. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and reliable products, enabling us to execute our service with maximum precision. We always pay meticulous attention to detail and guarantee your complete satisfaction with the work we do. We offer individual service plans and customized solutions. Our bed bug exterminating company guarantee immediate results with the removal of the pests. With us, all your expectations will be exceeded because our process complies with state health regulations.

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