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A Reputable Local Pest & Exterminating Company at Your Services

Abele Exterminating Co is a reliable wildlife removal company that has been in business since 1990. Experience has made us a reputable team with efficient methods of dealing with any insects and bugs. If you have any issues of that sort, contact us today – we are located in Manhattan, NY.

We use ECO-friendly methods that are effectively working. An experienced pest exterminating contractor will calculate how serious your problem is and will offer you a reasonable way of dealing with it. We’ll ask if you have children or pets at your home and will find the safest way to proceed. We are your best option for a local pest & exterminating company. Our services include:

  • Insects extermination – the reasons for infestation are different for the different types of pests. The problem might not be in your flat, it could be the neighborhood. Every case is unique. Let us come and take a look and determinate the cause of the problem. No matter if we’re dealing with fleas, bedbugs or cockroaches, we will deal with the problem efficiently.
  • Rodents extermination – are you tired of buying the same traps from the store? Yes, they are working, but the rodents will keep coming. We guarantee effective rodent removal and we know how to deal with this once and for all.

Why choice us?
Experience matters; we’ve seen a lot, and we know how to deal with the problem that you might have. A reliable pest control & exterminating contractor will find the most suitable solution for your particular case. Although we use ECO-friendly methods, some cased need stronger chemicals and this is important if you have kids or pets. Nothing to worry about, we know what we are doing. Your safety and health are a priority.

Abele Exterminating Co is a trustworthy pest control & exterminating company in Manhattan, NY. Contact us even if you live in the surrounding neighborhoods, including Broadway / Fort Washington Ave.

Give us a call at (917) 242-3701.