Can a Pest Control Professional Help You Eliminate All Types of Roaches?

Hello, folks! Welcome to the blog page of the pest control service provider – Abele Exterminating Co! Today, we would like to start with a discussion on one of the homeowner’s worst nightmares-roaches! We will list the most common types that you are likely to see around your property and will also provide you with some tips and tricks which may help you quickly exterminate them.

Water bug/ American roach. This dark reddish flying roach is the largest one you can see around your home (between 1”-2”). It also likes living in hospitals and warehouses. They are quite hazardous as they carry diseases and easily contaminate food. They can damage fabrics, wallpaper, books, etc.
Brown banded cockroach. It’s size varies between ½” and ⅝”. It has a brown banding across its back. It does not multiply as fast as other roaches but since it does not need moisture to survive, you can see it all around your home not only in your bathroom or kitchen.
German roach. It looks a lot like the brown banded cockroach and is even the same size. It shares the food and habitat of humans all over the world as is the most widely spread type of roach pursued by pest control specialists. It needs plenty of food and water to survive, so it is usually found in food storage buildings, restaurant kitchens, and any other areas where shelter and moisture are available. If you seek them outdoors, it is very unlikely that you succeed, as they prefer to hide in cracks and crevices.
Smokey brown roach. These roaches are brownish black and very shiny. They are smaller than the other roaches. Another thing that makes them different is their ability to fly and their attraction to lights at night time. They live outside and prefer damp areas like woodpiles, tree holes, ivies, and attic eaves. They are very active and hard to control even by the most qualified pest control professionals.

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