How Does One Perform Bed Bugs Control?

The bed bug population has increasingly grown since the 1990s. And getting bitten by bed bugs, which are parasites feeding on human blood, can cause rashes, allergic reactions, and in some rare cases, psychological problems. Bed bugs control, as with many insect infestations, can be more effective when manual techniques and pesticides are used. While some believe foggers or bug bombs are the best way to get rid of infestation this is not actually the case.

The first thing with controlling bed bugs is to first determine if you actually have an infestation. These minute parasites, while common in the Northern Hemisphere, are found worldwide. They live in places where people sleep, such as bedding, sofas, mattresses, and any carpets or clothing. However, they like to live behind headboards, especially the wooden variety, and in box springs. Although these parasites are tiny, they are still visible to the human eye, should one be searching in the right place.

Once an infestation has been identified, only then will bed bug control start. You will first have to thoroughly vacuum the infested area, and spray using rubbing alcohol, this will kill them in addition to their eggs. Bed bugs are found in sofas and mattresses, so all the area around these must be vacuumed, and everything has to be washed in water which is 120° Fahrenheit.

Once this is done, pesticides can be used on heavily infested areas. Malathion, pyrethroid, and dichlorvos are the best pesticides to use, although prolonged exposure to these parasites will create health problems, more so in small children. It is crucial to make sure any pesticide applied on a mattress or sofa is safe to use, or it could be detrimental to a person’s health.

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