Bed Bug Exterminating Company Tips on How to Know You Have an Infestation

Bed bug signs are somewhat hard to identify, due to the fact they are extremely small, and usually only come out in the night. So you should look for some telltale signs, like waste remnants that are in the shape of dark spots on your bedding, or small blood stains from bites you received when you were asleep, eggs, dead skin or even dead bed bugs. Should you be unsure, it is advisable to call a professional bed bug exterminating company.

Most of the above signs of a bed bug infestation will be in your bed sheets, as these insects typically bite people while they are asleep. Bed bugs can be found within the folds of sheets in the day time. Some can also be found in your mattress or box spring, and in the crevices around a bed.

This is because they hide during the day without getting disturbed, however, to eradicate bed bugs from your home, you must seek out and destroy their hiding place. This can be found anywhere in your bedroom, as bed bugs can also infest carpets and move throughout your home, in addition to catching a ride on your clothes.

When looking in your bed, try smoothing out your sheets and looking closely for any of the aforementioned signs, a magnifying glass will be useful in this situation, as these creatures are extremely hard to see with the naked eye. One of the best ways is looking for stains on your sheets that look like rust, this is usually indicative of excrement as well as blood from any bites. However, a sure sign of a bed bug infestation is the biteson your skin. These will be similar to mosquito bites and very itchy, however, there will be a significant number of them in one area.

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